New York... and more


Well, clearly having good intentions won't write a blog for you! I can't believe I haven't written since Chicago, it has been busy! I have been in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and I'm currently on my way to Salzburg!

Let's start with New York- it's a city I love dearly, and I always look forward to my visit there. Truly the city that never sleeps, I managed to pack an awful lot into two week! Four operas, two musicals and a play, all of which we're interesting in their own way, and some which I enjoyed a lot more than others. I also had the chance to work with some fantastic coaches and teachers. Once you start working full time it can be really difficult to find the time to work technically. My two weeks in New York were a great chance to check in with how my voice is developing and what I should be doing over the next very busy 18 months.

One of the highlights in New York was my first thanksgiving. The generosity of colleagues astounds me sometimes. We were invited into the home of an Australian expat, who spends a lot of his time singing in America. The warmth and kindness from all there, not to mention fun, of this holiday was simply beautiful. And very welcome after being away from home for a while! I think I might adopt thanksgiving!

From New York I ventured to London. It is another city I am becoming more familiar with, and enjoy more and more each time I visit! I was also very excited to see great friends and coaches there. I love the international Australian music network- you can never feel lonely for long! 

So as I settle into my new hotel- Salzburg this time, I'll sign off for now and enjoy the view! Perhaps a combined retrospective of the Christmas markets next time? Berlin, Vienna and Salzburg, I have seen many already!