On a serious note...


The life of a singer can be a very odd one. We meet new people all the time, often become quite close to them, and then move onto our next gigs. We make many sacrifices along the way; living away from home, family and leaving friends behind. Strangely this seems to make the opera world a very close knit one, as we learn to rely on this network of singers to keep us sane, help us with homesickness and provide us with friendship. These are people we make life long bonds with, and are always happy to see, even if it has been years since we last spoke.

This is perhaps why I feel so moved by the plane crash in France a few days ago. I did not know the two singers Oleg Bryjak and Maria Radner or their families, but my heart goes out to everyone in the opera community who did know them, and to the friends and families left behind. It is a reminder of our own mortality- how often have we been on these planes, taking the earliest flight home after closing night so that we can be with family? How often have we said goodbye to loved ones for months on end, flying around the globe?

It is a terrible tragedy, a reminder to cherish those close to you, and respect the people around you. A serious blog, I know, but as I prepare for another 2 months away from home, perhaps it is a timely one.